Hero_squareFor those who follow my blog, you know that I’ve been involved in developing and patenting a new musical instrument. The WalkaBout™ Drum is a strap-worn, fully-acoustic percussion instrument shaped like an acoustic guitar and capable of replacing a drum set with quality sounds.

Introduced to the world in 2018, the WalkaBout won a NAMMy award in 2018, and was awarded Best In Show at the Summer NAMM Show in 2019.

It’s been quite a wild ride, applying God-given creativity to the development of a musical instrument. Though it looks like a guitar, it really is a percussion instrument from the ground up. Consider this: smoosh two separate round drum shapes together and you’ll basically have a guitar shape. But there’s more.

There are several tech innovations that come together in the WalkaBout. Proprietary internal bracing optimizes the number and quality of sounds. SounDots, magnetized accessories, allow you to further customize your sound with snare, tambourine, riqq, and washboard/guiro sounds (and more on the way!). The body is manufactured for us by Kala Brand instruments. And a dual-source mic/pickup system designed for us by world-renowned LR Baggs creates a great-sounding instrument that’s truly plug-and-play.

We believe the WalkaBout™ is a musical game changer. Drummers are finally set free to step up to the front of the stage. Bands finally have a legit way to add percussion to unplugged sets, open mic nights, smaller band venues, even jamming while camping or at the beach. Drummers no longer have to awkwardly bend over a cajon to add percussion, but stand tall with a WalkaBout. And we’ve seen musicians use it for everything from Rock and Hip Hop to Latin and Americana. Simply put, the WalkaBout™ is inspired fun. Drummers—take a stand!

For more information and to order, please go to walkaboutdrum.com.

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