Here’s a list of free resources for download. Just click on the link to download these PDF files. Please note that these resources, while free, are subject to copyright. Share the info freely, but please always give appropriate credits.

Casting A Vision For The Arts  The following is a concise theology of the arts that might help your church leaders understand the role of the arts in a more informed way. There is a rich and comprehensive rationale that we can draw from which can provide a Biblical foundation for the arts in the local church. Pastors and church leaders may be more open to the arts in the church if they only understood the theology behind what it is that artists do.

81 Things for the Artist Friendly Church  Want to become a more Artist-Friendly Church? Here are 81 Things You Can Do To Be a More Artist-Friendly Church. Includes photos to help inspire you.

Songwriter Survival Guide   An informative and Fun Songwriter Guide by my good friend, songwriter, speaker, and author Bob Kilpatrick.

Worship Team A State of the Heart So you lead a worship team at a church? What are your values, your objectives, your criteria? What is your vision for ministry? Download these Guidelines for Worship Teams at Oak Hills Church, Folsom, California.

Worship at Oak Hills  Theology is the basis upon which you can build your vision, values, and ministry. Do your people understand your worship theology?  Download this Study of Worship Theology which I use to teach the worship teams at Oak Hills Church.