Web Links

I wanted to share a few websites of some friends of mine I have met on my Adventures. Click on their names to get to their websites…

Bob Kilpatrick :: Author, Songwriter, Worship leader
Bob is a good buddy, mentor, and one of the true pioneers of contemporary Christian music.  He has recently released a new book entitled, The Art of Being You.  I highly recommend this book for everyone, whether you are an artist or not.  Of course, he has a gazillion albums as well as another devotional book, Secrets of the Silence, which is also well worth the read.   Check out his website!

Proclaim! International
Proclaim! is a missions organization which partners with local churches in Europe, south America, Asia, and Africa, to provide culturally relevant outreach opportunities through various expressions of the arts. The former drummer for ML3, Steve Liberti, as well as his wife Dawn and children, are full-time missionaries with Proclaim working internationally and based in Germany.  If you’d like more info to get involved as a short-term musicianary, or to support the Liberti family, please hit their website here.

384625_10150952898735637_320127995636_21703169_1028387318_nCate Morris :: Songwriter, Worship Artist
Cate is a very talented and anointed musician who also has a quite touching blog.  I’m humbled in that I produced her latest CD titled, “Red Sky.”  I highly recommend her music (see the link or iTunes or CDbaby) and her blog.

Judith Monroe :: Mixed Media Artist
Judith Monroe is a mixed media artist that leans heavily into her strong background in traditional and alternative process photographic techniques, creating a unique artistic expression. She also has a thought-provoking blog, so check out her blogsite too.

9153426Michaela Nasello :: Songwriter
Michaela is a fresh new talent who has just released her first CD titled, “Hello, Unexpected.” It was a lot of fun producing this debut album, a folk-pop foray with hints of Zooey Deschanel and Sara Bareilles.  Check out the link for a listen or go to iTunes or CDbaby.

Creative_Church_13_edited_low_res-e1431382924864J. Scott McElroy ::  Author, Speaker
Scott, author of Finding Divine Inspiration, has released a new book titled, The Creative Church Handbook: Releasing the Power of the Arts in Your Congregation (InterVarsity Press). I’m pretty serious when I say that this is a must-have for anyone who is a leader of artists of faith in the local church today. See my review here.

Kent Peterson :: Muralist,  Musician
Kent is an amazingly gifted muralist specializing in trompe l’oeil art. (For those who don’t speak French, that means he paints real-purty things on walls.)  Seriously, his work is amazing, and you should check out his website gallery.  An anointed worship leader and guitarist, Kent and I have started a musical duo called Waiting For Sunday.

Teresa Harbert :: Pysanky Artist
Pysanky is the traditional Ukrainian art of egg dying.  Yes, eggs.  Check out Teresa’s site, where you will be blown away by her craftsmanship and attention to detail.

4231_105120l.jpgRandy Blasquez :: Painter
Randy works primarily in oils on linen. I highly recommend that you hit her website link to check out her gallery. The painting shown to the right, Peony Reflections, is my wife’s favorite, and hangs on the wall above our grand piano.

The Worship Studio
“Raising up Artists to reveal God’s glory” is the by-line for this arts organization, and they are a resources, opportunities, and creative collaborations for artists of all kinds. Matt Tommey, author of Unlocking the Heart of the Artist and Creativity According to the Kingdom, leads this group. Check them out here.

Lisa Magruder :: Visual Artist
Lisa is a visual artist, art instructor, and owner/operator of the frameing studio, FrameArt Studio. Check out her blog, Art & Redemption.