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Imagine That: Discovering Your Unique Role as a Christian Artist is a narrative of a practical theology of the arts, discussing the nature of art, our relationship as artists to God the Artist, the importance of understanding the spiritual implications of beauty and transcendence, and the interaction between the artist and the audience, the church, and the world. Influenced by Francis SchaefferH.R. RookmaakerJeremy BegbieMadeleine L’EngleDallas Willard, and others, this convergence of art and faith is written in humorous and artist-friendly language.  There is also a study guide, which makes it convenient for ministry teams, guilds, bands, and other artist groups to study it together.

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“I always think of Manuel Luz as the rocket scientist who became a worship arts leader. This book is written out of the trenches of Manuel’s discoveries as an artist, pastor, and worship leader who has devoted most of his adult life to serving the local church. I deeply appreciate the thoughtfulness of this book, and believe it will serve as a tremendous tool for any Christian artist looking for guidance from someone who has wrestled with the Scriptures, theological truth, and the practical everyday challenges of unleashing artistic gifts in the kingdom of God.”

Nancy Beach, Champion for the Arts, Willow Creek Association, and author of An Hour on Sunday: Creating Moments of Transformation and Wonder

“Manuel Luz has made a good and helpful contribution to the present-day conversation surrounding the arts and Christian faith.  Discover for yourself the unique calling of those privileged to imagination for Jesus and his Kingdom coming.  You’ll be enriched and inspired.”

Charlie Peacock, producer, co-director Art House America and author of New Way To Be Human

“In Imagine That Manuel has written what amounts to a theology of the Christian arts. I can’t think of anyone more practically qualified to write about this subject; he has thought about it and he has lived it. If you’re looking for your place as a Christian artist, you will surely find trustworthy pathway markers for your journey in this book.”

Bob Kilpatrick, songwriter/producer, author and speaker


“The book blends the vertical and horizontal perfectly and we never lose sight of Who is at the center of Luz’s theological/artistic foray and verbal painting: God. … The balance of cultivating excellence, substance, spiritual discipline against a backdrop of liberty, humility, service and grae paints a meaningful and rich canvas of creativity and unfettered imagination. … Encouraging, challenging, inspiring, Imagine That is a gift to the artist in all of us.”

Worship Leader Magazine, Nov/Dec 09

“Every chapter held enlightenment for me. From acknowledging that we were created in the image of a very creative God, and should express the creativity within us. To explaining that Christian artists don’t have to create overtly Christian pieces, but should let our work flow from our honest soul-stirring perspective on life. … To validating that inner urge—that inner “call”—to create and communicate a worthy message for the sake of my soul and the sake of others.”

Mandy Thompson, The Worship Community

“Imagine That should be required reading for all Christian artists and those of us who would critique it.”

The Christian Manifesto

“Luz’ unique personal history (he’s been both a Jazz musician and a rocket scientist and now is a Pastor) makes me want to sit across the Starbucks table from him and just ask him to talk about his life.”

Sarah Markley, The Worship Community

“Manuel Luz deftly weaves his considerable experience as an artist with insight from his faith journey to offer this provocative book. … Worship artists will find much in this volume to ponder for their own spiritual formation and worship teams will find it a user-friendly discussion-starter with its list of probing questions at the end of each chapter. …  Highly recommended.”

Marcia McFee, Creator Leadership Network

“Manuel masterfully explores all the many reasons the Christian artist is so needed and so valued by God.”

Lori Biddle, The Worship Community

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