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I’ve been on a number of radio and podcast interviews lately, and I thought it would be good to compile them for those who would like a more in-depth audio interview, beyond the snippets of blog posts I put out there. There’s something about this particular medium that allows the listener in a more immediate and sometimes intimate view that a book or blog post cannot offer.

Thankfully, some of these interviews are available on-line. Click the links below. Hope you enjoy them.

Worship Team Coach/Jon Nicol.  A great interview from Jon, who has been called to encourage and mentor worship leaders. He really drills into the false self/true self paradigm and the concept of honest worship. Check it out.

Spirituality For Ordinary People/Matthew Brough. A deep interview regarding Honest Worship, beauty, authenticity, and spiritual formation. I loved how our conversation was set in his “spirituality for ordinary people” context, and we discussed how worship and the arts should be “ordinary” expressions of the Christ follower.

Chris Fabry Live. A radio interview with Moody Radio, where I break down Honest Worship beyond the false self. I’ve been on Chris Fabry a few times, first with my first book, Imagine That, in 2010, and then again in an interview regarding a blog post that blew up, “The Issue of Age in Modern Worship,” in 2014. It was fun getting back on his live program, speaking to him and answering questions from listeners.

Born To Create Podcast/Kent Sanders. A fun and expansive interview on imagination, storytelling, invention, and Honest WorshipKent is also an advocate for artists of faith, as well as being a professor, so he “gets” it. I especially recommend this podcast for artists of faith.

Beyond Sunday Worship/David Santistevan.  A deep dive into Honest Worship, as well as the worship industry, worship songs, and how to have a more God-centered approach to our worship. Check out this podcast in more detail, as David has had some outstanding (and popular) guests. This would be especially good if you’re a worship leader of pastor.

Beyond Words.   This is a half hour podcast/radio interview on Beyond WORDS Radio hosted by Dr. William P. Campbell on the Spirit Network. Dr. Campbell interviews me on corporate and private worship, the state of the church, the sabbath, and the condition of the soul. This is a little more heady interview, as Dr. Campbell emphasizes bible teaching in his ministry.

If you’d like me to appear on your podcast, please let me know. I’d be delighted to enter into the dialogue with you.

[Banner Photo by Jonathan Velasquez on Unsplash. Inset photo is a radio interview with me and my team (Tim Lewis and Becca Viola) during my trip to the Philippines 2019. Sorry, this wasn’t recorded.]

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