Reviews and Excerpts

In the past few months, there have been a number of articles and reviews on Honest Worship, and I wanted to share some of the more significant responses I’ve seen. I’ve had a lot of individual reviews by a number of great people, as well as reviews on Amazon (the snarkiest audience in the world at times),, and others, and although those are generally quite good, I won’t list them here. Lots of links below, so click to see any of these articles.

Worship Musician Magazine: “Shawshank Worship” An excerpt from the book in Worship Musician, an on-line magazine where I am a contributing columnist.

Chris Fabry Live: “Honest Worship”  A one-hour interview conducted by Chris Fabry on his show on the Moody Radio Network. You can listen to it in the link.

Worship Leader Magazine: “When We Gather” An excerpt from the book in Worship Leader, an on-line and print magazine for worship leaders and pastors. This is part of a themed magazine issue titled “Themed.”

Outreach Magazine: Interview  A short on-line interview with Outreach Magazine. Some really good questions here.

Christianity Today: “New and Noteworthy Books” A short summary review of the book. CT also queried me to submit a response to a recent worship controversy which is here: “John Piper changed ‘Great Is Thy Faithfulness.’ Experts Weigh In.”

World Magazine: “Alternatives to Chaos”  Another short summary review of the book. Always interesting to see what reviews take away from their reading.

If you haven’t yet picked up Honest Worship: From False Self to True Praise, please check out the (always variably priced) link for Amazon or InterVarsity Press.


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