April is Download Month!

During the Month of April 2017, I’m discounting all my music by 50 percent. All 35 songs off of my four albums, including my latest album featuring the Manuel Luz Trio, will be deep discounted throughout the month in download form. This includes one free song per album as well!

Here’s how you can download. Go to CDBaby.com using the links below, and you can preview the song list, read the album notes, check out the links, and download the songs in mp3 format for only 49 cents each (not including the free song) for all four albums. Please note that this does not apply to other download services like iTunes.

This is a way of thanking everyone for their support for so many years, especially the musicians, the engineers, the artists, and the fans. Please take a listen, and I hope the music blesses you.

Unraveled albumUNRAVELED
Released in 2013, this project features the Manuel Luz Trio (ML3) with Chad Jackson on drums and Matt Sawhill on basses.  I think it might be our best sounding album yet, showcasing songs that have been mulling around my head for years.  I also had a little help from my friends—a little classical guitar from Bob Kilpatrick, a little rock from Kent Peterson, a little blues from Steven Randal, some jazz sax from Kim Peterson, and a heavy dose of banging from ML3 alum, Steve Liberti.  And of course, I’ve managed to throw in not a few piano solos in the process.


661208935_a6d362d524_t.jpgALL THERE IS
Released in 2007.  This album is an introspective look at the “middle” of my life, that place between the road that stretches behind us and the uncertain future that unfolds before us. Musically, I would describe this album as piano-driven and jazz-influenced, with more than a touch of old school funk (check out the free title cut!). Lyrically, I examine the life half-lived, and the questions that come from that place. I’ve had a lot of positive feedback from this album, which has a more developed fun ethic than my previous projects. I hope you like it.


bookalbumshad.jpgIF LIFE WERE A BOOK
The follow-up album to A Bridge Called Surrender, this album delves deeper into the musical and spiritual journey. Musically, the songs were intended to be both simple and complex, with unobvious melodies and a few weird chord changes—piano driven, jazz-tinged adult contemporary. Lyrically, I was influenced by my experiences while living in Vancouver, Canada. From the liner notes: “They say every person has a story. I believe every person is a story. And in these last few years, I have become more aware of the Writer of my story, the Author of Days.”


bridgealbumshad.jpgA BRIDGE CALLED SURRENDER
From the liner notes: “Life is a journey, with peaks and valleys, narrow roads and dusty paths, and never a clear view of what lies beyond the bend. In a very real way, this album is a collection of conversations I have had with God as He gently moved me forward on that road toward a bridge called surrender.” This was my first solo CD, and though it was released in 2001, it has some very meaningful songs on the album.


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