New Book In The Works!

Man CMS FrontEight years ago, God opened a door for me into the wonderful and wacky world of publishing. Through an uncommon set of circumstances, I was offered a book deal for the story of my journey of faith and the arts. And the result was Imagine That: Discovering Your Unique Role as a Christian Artist, which was released through the generous auspices of Moody Publishers in late 2009.

Any of you who have had a book published know that it isn’t about the money (especially in the Christian book industry!). It’s more about the opportunities that the publication offers you. For me, it gave me a platform to be an advocate for artists of faith locally, around the country, and in a few corners of the world. I have been able to speak to musicians and songwriters, pastors and church leaders, visual artists and graphic designers, dancers and actors, writers and poets. I’ve been able to look artists in the eye and explain to them that they have a unique and essential and influential role in the Kingdom of God. I’ve had the privilege of being a small spark for a lot of conversations about beauty and art and community and faith. I’ve had the opportunity to help empower, inform, and inspire. And the book Imagine That itself has helped thousands of artists of faith find a vocabulary of emotion and idea, and helped bring congruency to their art and their faith.

IMPACT 2015And upon this platform, I feel both deeply grateful and humbled to all of you.

Well, it looks like the journey continues. I’ve just signed a new book deal with InterVarsity Press. I’ll be writing a book under their Formatio label on worship with the tentative title, Falling On My Face.

Inspire To Write ConferenceThe title of the book is an obvious double entendre. It means both to fail spectacularly (which I have), and also to have humility before God. Written from the perspective of a worship pastor with over 25 years of ministry, I will attempt to point out the pitfalls of modern worship, and then seek to holistically reframe worship, both from an individual spiritual formation standpoint, and also from a communal church community standpoint. Through the journey of the book, I hope to tell very personal stories—some humorous and some raw and honest—that show my personal journey toward humility and grace in worship. The book will explore a variety of important points: Pride and humility, the nature of our true identity (including false identity), how our spiritual deformation keeps us from worshiping fully, worshiping with a fully-integrated soul, the heart of the worship leader, and lessons learned from a worship pastor. I also intend to intersperse—as side-bars—a variety of spiritual disciplines that one can practice throughout the book.
Drum Circle Creative Church

I’ll have a year to write this, so you might see bits and pieces of it showing up on this blog over the next twelve months. Otherwise, please look for it to come out in the latter part of 2017. And thank you all for your support, encouragement, and readership. I am honored by your presence on my website, and your presence in my life.

3 thoughts on “New Book In The Works!

  1. Congrats! Looking forward to reading it! I see you didn’t take my suggested book title: All Creation. Seriously, being introduced as Manuel Luz, author of Falling On My Face is not as cool as Manuel Luz, author of All Creation. :)

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