The Creative Church Conference 2014

473608_10151909280560123_1267302890_oThe Creative Church Conference is a forum for ideas and practices that can take artists and churches to new levels of glorifying God through the arts. Their goal is to encourage and empower the local church to became a place in culture to experience creativity, transcendence, and beauty.

This year, The Creative Church Conference is on July 25-27 in Boise, Idaho.  I’m excited to be sharing the stage along with such distinguished speakers and artists as Colin Harbinson, Jessie Nilo, Bryn Gillette, Jason Leith, Andrew Nemr, Cecila Bre Tshope, Dave Blakeslee, and others.

This year’s conference theme is “The Artist In Community.” Here’s what they say:

“We know the subject of community can be somewhat scary, especially for artistic people. Most of us are divinely wired to be sensitive to beauty and to pain, creating our best work mainly in solitude from the depths of our gut. We assure you: we’re good at respecting your space, and we’ll give you quiet time to process. Yet God wants to teach us about the way He exists in the Trinity and how that applies to the Church, His people. Please come, even (especially) if the subject of community makes you sweat a little.”

For more information or to register, please check out their website at I highly encourage all artists of faith to be a part of this exciting event.


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