Hidden Crosses

jestice3Lent is a period in the Christian calendar preceding Easter intended to reconnect us with the internal thirst we have for God. Hearkening to the forty days that Jesus spent in the wilderness, Lent traditionally runs for forty week days, from Ash Wednesday to Holy Saturday (the day prior to Easter). Typical Christian practices during Lent include fasting, abstinence, and daily devotionals.

At my church, we have adopted some of these observances and practices, in order to better focus us in a season of anticipation. Easter in many evangelical churches has become simply a day of the year rather than an attitude of the heart. Adopting a season of preparation helps us to slow down and better focus on Jesus’ path to the cross, and ultimately to his death and resurrection.

HC stepping stone_edited-1This includes our artistic expressions as well. And as part of the Lenten season, our Art & Soul Gallery, a year-round gallery featured in our church lobby, we are presenting “Hidden Crosses,” a photographic collection by some of the young people in our church.  In the words of our Gallery description:

“Take a step back and think of the cross. That simple geometric form has long been seen as a symbol of Christ. And just as Christ surrounds us always, so too the cross appears all around us if we just take time to notice.  The key is to look with new eyes for Christ in our ordinary, everyday world.”

Cross-2The photos were all taken locally in the Folsom area of ordinary scenes.  And just as the image of the cross is imbedded into the routine of our lives, so too is the work of the cross—God’s grace—inextricably imbedded into the world we live in.

Take a moment to open your eyes to the symbols of the cross that surround you today.  And as you see them, may they be a reminder that God Is With Us.

One thought on “Hidden Crosses

  1. This is amazing. I have been unconsciously noticing crosses everywhere. Now, thanks to y our awakening article, I am going to consciously be aware of the crosses everywhere. Thank you for the reminder to stop, look, and see what has been there all along…. beckoning to us…. reminding us….. calling to us…

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