UNRAVELED Now Available!

20121008-_MG_4080It’s here!  Our new album, Unraveled, is now available in the following formats:

CD and MP3cdbaby.com

Download: iTunes, Facebook Music Store, Amazon, and other download partners like Rhapsody, MediaNet, and Xbox Music.

Of course, you can get the album direct from me if you prefer.  Just come out to a gig, or see me at my church!

As an added bonus, I’ve included expanded liner notes for the album here on the website.  This is especially helpful if you’re a downloader.

Let me add a few kudos here.  ML3 includes Chad Jackson on drums and Matt Sawhill on basses.  We’re also grateful to the other guest musicians on this project which include: Steven Randal (electric guitar), Kent Peterson (electric guitar), Bob Kilpatrick (acoustic guitar), Kim Peterson (sax), Steve Liberti (percussion).  We also give a special thanks to Greg Davis at Proclaim! International Studio and BK at Won World Studio, and particularly to the most talented Keith Elliott, who provided art direction and photography.

[Note: Everyone has been commenting on how mean Chad looks on the album photo, so I thought I would post the photo above to show off his muppet smile.]

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