Guest Blogger: The Worship Studio

I am the current guest blogger on the Worship Studio.  They’ve published a small portion of one of my unpublished book manuscripts entitled, “Stepping into the Wilderness.”  I encourage you to check it out.

The Worship Studio is:
• An Equipping Resource for Artists of all Creative Mediums
• A Catalyst for Creativity in the Kingdom around the World
• A Hub for Creative Communities

The Worship Studio is led by Matt Tommey, author of Unlocking the Heart of the Artist.  As always, I am hardcore supportive of all efforts to further the dialogue of faith and the arts, and I am grateful to Matt and his crew for the opportunity to lend my voice to the growing conversation.

I’ve guest blogged on quite a variety of websites, including Inside Pages, (a blog on faith, publishing, and literary culture), Transpositions (a faith and arts blog from the University of St. Andrews in in Scotland), and Conversant Life (a blog on faith and culture), and I always welcome other opportunities to do so.  Please keep me in mind if you think of some other website for me to lend my voice.


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