Intersections Conference 2012

Intersections: Faith and the Arts Conference 2012 will be held this year on Saturday, March 17, at Oak Hills Church in Folsom.  This conference, featuring local artists and speakers, is intended to further the dialogue between faith and the arts.  That dialogue includes both connecting artists of different disciplines together, and also connecting them deeper with the spiritual and theological implications of their art.

I will be a speaker at this event, as well as a wide variety of other artists, and there will be many opportunities to connect and be inspired.  Any artist of faith will gain insight and encouragement from this event.

This year’s artists include:

Alan Koshiyama,  an award-winning composer with an impressive resume of feature film, television, video game (can you say “Pac-Man Party”?), and national commercial work with clients including Disney, Time Warner, various national networks, and video games.  Variety Magazine calls Koshiyama’s music “evocative.”  Koshiyama also serves as Worship Music Director at Adventure Christian Church in Roseville.

Steve Scott, British expat, finished art school  in the mid 1970s and then moved to US, initially to record an album with Larry Norman. He ended up moving to northern California to join the staff of arts-friendly Warehouse Christian Ministries, and since that time  has released ten albums of music, published three small press books of poetry and two books of collected essays on art theory.  He directs CANA (Christian Artists Networking Association), which has helped organize arts conferences in SE Asia and Eastern Europe.

Susan Miller has been a part of Sacramento’s theater and broadcasting community for over 20 years. Her broadcast experience ranges from on air and production radio work in country, pop and smooth jazz formats as well as voice-over and on-camera work for area television stations. She now divides her time doing commercial VO with her own production company, and house managing several area theaters including Sacramento Theater Company and California Musical Theater’s Music Circus. The “productions” she is most proud of are her 4 great kids who have inherited her love of music and the theater.

Katie Albert is a talented photographer, graphic artist, and occasional helicopter pilot.  She will be sharing her experiences and photography from her recent missions trip to Manipur, India, in partnership with one of Oak Hills’ ministry partners, the Nehemiah Project, which assists local pregnant women affected by HIV and runs the Nehemiah Children’s Home.

Yvette Johnson is a dance major at UC Santa Barbara. She has been dancing since the age of six and trained at Northern California Dance Conservatory during high school before moving to Santa Barbara to continue her studies. It was in Santa Barbara where she encountered the presence of God in the dance studios through various relationships with a very special group of dancers.  Her dedication to following Jesus and moving for the Lord provides the basis for her testimony at Intersections.

The Intersections Conference features a variety of expressions including painting, photography, dance, and music; breakout sessions in specific areas of the arts; a panel discussion by local experts; and a wonderfully catered gourmet lunch (we believe highly in the culinary arts!).  Registration begins at 8:30 AM with our Common Grounds Cafe serving complimentary coffee.  Cost for this event is $30 (includes lunch), payable at the door.  Please reserve your spot by emailing today!

2 thoughts on “Intersections Conference 2012

  1. Thanks for sharing this…It looks amazing and inspiring! I just love that there are those out there working on bringing “faith and art” together…The created glorifying our Creator! Wish it was closer to home!

    I’ve read your book but am looking for ways for an ordinary person like me to help bring people together for the purpose of merging our creativity/art with our faith.

    Do you have any “how-to’s” …beginning steps to helping this come to pass? I am not a “high-powered” or infuencial person…but more like 1Cor.1:26…. But God :) has put this passion in my heart…and He WILL be glorified (because I am not–but He IS.)

    Anyway…I am looking for some guidance in this…If you have time to share any thoughts, tips (or a how-to) list… :) I’d appreciate it!

    1. Hi Carla! I understand how you might not feel like a “leader” type but still are fueled by your passion in the arts. Although I don’t know anyone who is “ordinary”! Might I suggest that you try to start a small book study using Imagine That or another book on Faith and the Arts (see the bibliography for some good places to start). Start with a half a dozen people who share your passion, and just see where it goes. Also, a good conversation with your worship pastor or other “high-powered” type who might come alongside you might be helpful too. God bless you on your journey!

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