Artist Profile: Judith Monroe

I don’t remember exactly when I first met Judith Monroe.  I think it was through our church art gallery, Art & Soul, as we are always on the look-out for local artists to feature in a show.  What I do know is that, in every experience I’ve ever had with Judith, she epitomizes so much of what the millenial Christ-following artist should be: Excellent in and devoted to her craft, pushing at the boundaries of creativity, always in learning mode.  But also a humble and non-temperamental leader, a great encourager of others, and inspired by the Creator.  Her art work is brimming with God, but never preaches nor propagandizes.

I encourage you to check out her various websites, which include an Artist Website, an interesting and personal blog entitled Wanderings, and a website for the Covenant Artists, a loose affiliation of visual artists in the Sacramento, California area which she leads.  If you have a few moments, try to tour her on-line Gallery (it is certainly worth the time), or better yet, see some of her work featured at the award-winning Kennedy Gallery and Art Center in Sacramento Mid-Town.  Her biography is below.

“Judith Monroe is a mixed media artist with a strong background in traditional and alternative process photographic techniques. She has incorporated mixed media into her photography for nearly twenty-five years; beginning in her college years, she traveled on a journey of independent study, constantly expanding her knowledge and gradually bringing more collage, writing, and drawing into her finished pieces.

“The resulting landscape imagery is reminiscent of her personal journal pages, with dominating photos that bleed into abstracted landscapes of color and texture; hidden treasures of text and sketches wait for the viewer to discover them. Her artwork consists of multiple layers of physical materials, which represent layers of meaning; beginning with black and white photographs that stand in for the physical world, Judith then adds layers of collage, color and text that represent the spiritual world, ‘giving our physical world meaning and substance.’

“Judith’s unique creative process has been featured in both local and national media. Her images have been published by Recycled Paper Greetings and in the international publication, The Best of Photography Annual. Her artwork can be found in California art galleries and has been popular at the Crocker Art Museum’s annual art auction as well as at numerous art festivals. Judith’s pieces are included in public and private collections throughout the United States.”

[Note: The images above are copyright by Judith Monroe.  Please don’t use the images without her consent.  Thanks!]

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