God’s Big Adventure

In a few months, my musical landscape is going to change pretty drastically.  That’s because Steve Liberti—a percussionist in my church, a leader in my arts ministries, the drummer in the Manuel Luz Trio, and my very good friend and partner in crime—will be moving to Germany.

Steve, along with his wife Dawn and their two beautiful girls, have been appointed as missionaries with Proclaim, International, and will be based full-time in Germany, ministering, organizing, and presenting large-scale outreach concerts and other opportunities in coordination and support of local churches all around Europe, Africa, and other far-off places.  In addition, they’ll be conducting training conferences, doing personal ministry in their neighborhoods and at a local church, teaching drums and leading the TRAP program, and leading bible studies.

You can imagine that one doesn’t go into something like this lightly.  They are selling their comfortable home in Folsom, quitting their jobs, and uprooting themselves away from extended family and lifelong friends.  They are enrolling their little girls into a German-speaking public school to grow up in a very different culture.  It’s the kind of thing that you know God has to be a part of, or else you wouldn’t think about it.  In a very real sense, they are participating in God’s Big Adventure.

Proclaim! International is pretty unique.  It is one of a few missions organizations that focuses on the arts to share the Gospel.  They have 45 missionaries in 9 countries, existing in an unusually tight-knit missions community to affect the world with the Gospel through excellence in the arts. We’ve supported them through another friend, Kim Peterson, for many years, and I even went to Germany to lead at one of their gatherings.

I’ve discovered that living a life of faith in Jesus Christ really is an adventure.  Because He has a much bigger view of your life than you have for yourself.  So I truly believe that everyone has a Big Adventure waiting for them, if you truly enter into living in the rule and reign of God.  Though I am saddened that my friend Steve will be half way around the world, I celebrate the fact that their Big Adventure is entering into another bigger, larger chapter.

Here’s how you can participate with Steve and Dawn in their Big Adventure:

• On April 2, I will be appearing with various Proclaim! artists for a dinner/fundraiser/celebration on behalf of the Liberti family.  If you’d like to go, RSVP to sliberti@pacbell.net or call 995-8284 and let them know.  The Liberti Celebration will be at Oak Hills Church.

• You can also participate in supporting them on a monthly basis.  For the cost of Starbucks, you can be a part of the Adventure along with Steve and Dawn.

• If you are an artist, you can participate in a short-term (1-2 weeks) missions trip with Proclaim!  Check out their website for information on where they’re going, or get a hold of Steve to find out if you can be a part of God’s Big Adventure for yourself! If you play drums, guitars, sing, can aim lights or mix sound, you may be able to help.