2010 Adventures :: By The Numbers

Mark Twain attributed the saying to Disraeli but popularized it himself: “There are three kinds of lies: lies, damned lies, and statistics.”  So while I share some simple statistics from my last year, I want to acknowledge that these are much more than numbers.  Each number really represents a place, a circumstance, a person(s), a memory, a part of my life intersecting with others in a small but eternally meaningful way.  As always, I thank you all, and thank God for you all, that he saw fit to help us intersect somehow.  I hope to connect with you all again in 2011.

Number of gigs: 43
Includes a Boy Scout Jamboree, an auto show, a local TV show, some concerts and conferences, and some non-profits. (I know…how do I get these gigs anyway?)  Highlights include playing a series of summer house concerts with ML3, and “opening” for Brent Bourgeois at the west coast L’Abri Conference (see photo above).

Number of speaking engagements: 7
All west coast, from the Christian Musician Summit in Seattle and Sacramento to the NAMM show in southern California. Highlights included playing at my former church in Vancouver and connecting with dear friends, watching the light bulbs go on over people’s heads during my workshops at CMS and Thrive, and hanging with friends at the NAMM show in Anaheim. BTW, I’m looking for more opportunities, if you know of any!)

Number of missions experiences: 0
Due to the economy, I wasn’t able to afford any overseas missions trips during 2010. After the last few years of trips to Germany, Italy, Ecuador, etc., I have been a bit of a homebody this last year.  However, I am hopeful for 2011, as I talk about partnering with Bob Kilpatrick on a possible trip to Asia.  Stay tuned and please let me know if you are interested in supporting a missions trip.

Number of blog entries: 32
I want to thank those who’ve been loyal about reading up on my Adventures in both faith and art over this last year.  According to wordpress.com, I had almost 10,000 hits to my website in 2010.  Thanks for being at least one of them!

Number of worship services I led: 98
(This is at my home church, Oak Hills, where I have the best job in the world—especially on Sundays.)  As always, I am grateful for the opportunity to mix it up with so many musicians, painters, filmmakers, dancers, writers, actors, and other artists in my church.

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