Intersections: Faith and the Arts 2010

The second annual “Intersections: Faith and the Arts” mini-conference took place the end of July.  It was an amazing opportunity to dialogue on the role and importance in the arts—and the artists—as it relates to our shared faith in Christ.  About 80 people joined together for a day to speak with clarity and passion on issues ranging from arts in the church and the world, to the role of the intercessory artist, to the objective nature of beauty, to the importance of understanding a theology of the arts, to the amazing food we shared.

Highlights included the following:

Inspiring speakers, all from the local area: Kelly Archer (Director/Founder of Imprint Theatre and Choreographer for Northern California Dance Conservatory), Bob Kilpatrick (Songwriter/Producer/Author/Broadcaster), Randy Blasquez (Sacramento-based Oil Painter/Teacher), Stephen Scott (Musician/Poet/Arts Leader/General Renaissance Guy), and myself.

Artistic expressions: The Northern California Dance Conservatory in Roseville, art gallery by Julie Bjorgum (oils and mixed media artist), and an international hors d’oeuvres table by chef Lee Friedmann.  Our speakers also shared as well: Bob Kilpatrick shared some of his music, Stephen Scott shared his poetry set to ambient audio loops and music, and Randy shared some of her oil paintings.

We are blessed in that we have a loose fellowship of worship pastors and leaders from our area churches.  This fellowship led the opening worship time: Eric Aiston (Church of the Foothills), Roby Bacsi (Community Bible), Len Jones (Journey), Manuel Luz (Oak Hills), Rick Pitcher (Rancho Murieta Community), Gabriel Searles (Harbor Community), and Gabriel Wilson (Lakeside).  Being led by a group like that really models what it is to be the Greater Church.

A special thanks to all the host church, Oak Hills, who provided technical artistry, specialty coffees in the Common Grounds cafe, custodial, and other support.  We’ll definitely do this again next year!

If you’d like to host an Intersections Conference in your area, please contact me for more information.  I’d love to help you be a catalyst to awaken the arts—and the artists—in your community.

[Photos from top to bottom: Julie Bjorgum art piece from her “Recycled Series”; Kelly Archer shares her heart; Bob Kilpatrick muses; a display of the culinary arts; a lively panel discussion closes the conference; I lead a “coffee talk” discussion entitled “theology and other big words.”]


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