Artist Profile: January

In my adventures, I get a chance to meet a lot of artists. Not just people who are amazingly talented and creative, but also people whose hearts are in the right place, fun and deeply-felt people, reflections of the image of God.  And I find myself feeling thankful for the privilege of having crossed paths with these people.

So every once in awhile, I’ll use this blog to profile a few talented and God-breathed artists I know.  I encourage you to check out their stuff, interact with their artistic expressions, and give me some feedback on them.  Enjoy.

Judith Monroe is a very talented mixed-media artist based in Sacramento.  She has had numerous showings throughout the area, and is based out of the Kennedy Gallery & Art Center, 1114 20th Street (near K St) in Sacramento.  Her website is here where you can check out some of her art, bio, and vision.  She also leads the Covenant Artists, a loose collective of Christ-following visual artists in the Sacramento area.  [Note: Her mixed-media work above, is entitled, “Changing Light.”]

Brandon Bee is a Seattle-area producer and songwriter who has finally released a few albums of his own: the edgy but polished, “This is The Revolution,” and a new worship EP, “Surrendered.”  A pop/rocker influenced by Switchfoot, U2, Coldplay, and others, he has a guitar-driven sound I really ike a lot.  Brandon was one of the guys who traveled with me on the Italy missions trip last May, and is as genuine as he is talented.  To check out his music, check out his website here and his myspace page here.  He is also available on iTunes.

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