2009 Adventures: By the Numbers

Of course, it’s not about numbers. But as I started to take a retrospective look at my year, I realized that I couldn’t possibly share with you all the memories I have stored up.  Each number really represents a place, a circumstance, a person(s), a part of my life intersecting with others in a small but eternally meaningful way.

As always, I thank you all, and thank God for you all, that he saw fit to help us intersect somehow.  I hope to connect with you all again in 2010.

Number of gigs: 46
(Includes a prison, a few non-profit fundraisers, some concerts, and one very busy street corner in downtown Naples.)

Number of speaking engagements: 8
(All west coast, from the Christian Musician Summit in Seattle to the Saddleback Worship Conference in southern California.  BTW, I’m looking for more opportunities, if you know of any!)

Number of missions experiences: 2
(Includes two weeks in Roma and Napoli, Italy, with Bob Kilpatrick Ministry, and one week in Ecuador with Compassion International.  Please check out previous blogs to read about these life-changing trips.)

Number of books released: 1
(Imagine That hovers in the Amazon top 5 of it’s genre (religious art) for a few months before quickly—and I mean ba-da-bing quickly—plummeting off the sales rankings.  That’s when I decided it wasn’t healthy for me to watch the sales rankings!)

Number of Radio Interviews: 7
(This has got to be one of the weirder things I have done.  Some guy from Albuquerque or Cleveland will call me at 5:30 AM (preplanned), quickly introduce himself, then pepper me on-air with questions about my book.  And I’ll be sitting there in my kitchen with a cup of coffee and a bathrobe on, thinking to myself, “Well, this is awkward.”)

Number of worship services I led: 99
(This is at my home church, Oak Hills, where I have the best job in the world…especially on Sundays.)

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