Christian Musicians Summit

cms-overlake-09-web_01I’ll be heading to the Christian Musicians Summit at Overlake Christian Church in Redmond, Washington, on November 13-14.  CMS is a two-day conference for lead worshipers, musicians, technicians, pastors, songwriters, and indie artists to improve their skill and inspire their talent.

I will be speaking at two workshops, which will be presented on the Saturday of the event.  Synopses of these workshops are below.  For more information and to view a promotional video, slam it here.

Art and Faith

Ask any worship leader, ‘what is your theology of worship?’ and you can probably discuss it for hours. But ask him or her, ‘What is your theology of the arts?’ and you might get a blank stare.  Manuel Luz practically discusses the crucial necessity of understanding the convergence of art and faith, the nature of creativity, and the relationship between the artist (musician, painter, dancer, actor, etc.) and God.

Art and the Church

cms-overlake-09-web_02More and more churches are using the arts (music, drama, visual arts, film, etc.) in cutting-edge ways. But are your churches grounded in a biblical understanding of the arts? In this workshop, Manuel Luz gives a fresh and practical perspective on how the church can disciple and unleash the artists in your church, to express themselves more fully in and outside your church walls.

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