Italy Missions Trip: Day 6

cubit-familyMonday.  Day off. Day to sleep in, do laundry, and babysit.  (Huh?)  I’ve invited David Cubit from Crista E La Risposta and his family to lunch, but while he’s here, he and his wife shuttle members of the team off to run errands.  So Cate Morris and I stay behind to watch the kids.  I teach the kids how to make faces using Photo Booth on my Mac, and Cate teaches the kids how to imitate bacon on a frying pan (you start by laying very still on a bed).  It is lots of fun but makes me a little homesick for my family.

After lunch, we decide to find an internet cafe and work.  The Recording Team has some sessions booked this afternoon and tomorrow, so they are preparing to get some work done.  Some of the team (mostly the younger guys) have been invited on a night out on the town by some of the Italian youth. They are excited to see “the real Rome.”

recording-teamMe and a few other guys decide to forego dinner (we are perpetually stuffed) and simply go get some gelato (mine was coconut).   In general, it is a quiet but fun day.

Fun Facts: (1) In our dorm-like apartments, some of the team have started referring to me as the “RA” (short for “resident advisor,” a term used to describe the guy in charge of the dorm).  (2) My friend Erv would be proud of me for eating pretty much everything that I see (though I don’t eat as big a portions!).  I’ve had homemade wine (has a bit of a kick), mutton, carbonara (my fave!), gelato in many forms, pizza with anchovies (remarkably tasty!), and even tasted horse (its like a soft jerky served on a panini).  Neigh.  Winney.

Photos: The Cubit family minus David looks over the photos the children have taken (top photo); Jonathan Kvamme leads a recording session (bottom photo).  Sorry, no photos of bacon frying in a pan.

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