Italy Missions Trip: Day 2

piazza-teamWith a free morning, I take off with a few of the team to see the Coliseum. It was quite a sight, getting off the rail system, and stepping out of the doors, being confronted by such an immense and impressive piece of ancient history.  “Coliseum” does come from the same word as “colossal,” and it certainly is.  We tour the morning, grab some lunch, then are met by some of our hosts who take us to a church east of Rome which has apartments.  This has been a tremendous blessing for us, as we can house our entire team together essentially for free.  It allows our support dollars to go much farther, as well as promote greater unity among us.  We are also closer to our venues, which makes it easier for ministry.

We are to have a team meeting this evening, where we will go over our itinerary and prepare for ministry.  But we are let in on some bad news—Bob Kilpatrick has been taken ill, and cannot join us this evening.  The word is that he has had a reaction to some Persian food, but Cindy and grandson Ian seem to be okay.  We have started to refer to him jokingly as “the alleged Bob.”

We decide to meet anyway.  Which turned into an amazing evening.  We worshipped and prayed together, and the sweetness of those moments before the Lord stilled my soul and reminded me that God is very big, and that I am fittingly very small.  Yet in this dynamic, I am beloved.  It was a great help to the very sublimated yet lingering anxieties I have for this trip.  In the midst of that very intimate gathering, it occurred to me that I was in a room full of very passionate and very talented worship leaders, and it was my privilege to lead these people in worship.  And God would go before us.

We also have an unplugged vocal rehearsal which went late into the night.  I am beginning to think that we can actually pull this off.

Fun Facts: (1) I opted for the lasagna at lunch, but kicked myself over and over when I tasted the eggplant parmesan.  It was amazing. (2) All toilets here are accompanied with a matching bidet, which I think is for washing your shoes.  (3) I am beginning to think that the Italians think we are crazy.  Which is true.  (4) The above photo is us fooling around and taking band pics.


One thought on “Italy Missions Trip: Day 2

  1. Hey Man! Sounds like all is well there! How wonderful it must be to reach out to so many people! I would have passed on the Eggplant too… too vegetarian for a meat lover! Enjoy the sausage and chicken!!! ha! Do they have Italian Beer, or is it called wine? lol! can’t wait to hear more amazing Fun Facts too…
    Jesus IS all right…

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