Italy Missions Trip: It begins…


The plane departs from Sacramento International at 6 AM, so I’m here bright an early to board.  I’m here so bleary-eyed early, in fact, that the sky cap had to remind me that they work for tips.  (I hope those were one dollar bills I gave him, and not hundreds.)  I sadly passed by the closed Starbucks on my way to my seat.

I will be traveling with one of the team members, Jebby Moates, who is a worship pastor in Lodi.  It will be good to have someone to share the experience with, though I don’t really know Jebby very well.  (I am sure that I will know him way too well by the end of this trip!)

Prayer requests:

• Unity among the team. The churches in Italy have a difficult time working together due to a variety of theological and stylistic issues, and it is vitally important that we model community and mutual submission to one another on the trip.  According to my count, we have twelve people going from nine churches. This is quite unusual for the evangelical churches to see this level of commitment from people who differ in denomination.

• Sunshine. I checked the forecast and it will be raining during our weekend in Rome.  This will affect our planned piazza concert in Rome.  Please pray for a break in the weather and some sun to bring out the people.

• A word from God. I am still considering what my sermon will be when I speak at the church in Naples. At this point, I am thinking I will share a message on the importance of being a worshipper, not just going to church to do worship.  The senior pastor, Douglas Valenzuela, emailed me and thought this would be a good message, but I’m still open to changes.

• Safety and boldness for all of the team.

Photo: Me sitting at the Sac Metro Airport (the only International Airport in the world, as far as I know, with free internet access).

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