Italy Mission Trip Day 1: The Journey Begins

This was one long day. After an interminable, uneventful flight (16 hours with 3 hours sleep).  Between naps, I finished the in-flight magazine crossword puzzle (one of my quirky fun things to do on flights), ordered a ginger ale (my traditional airline drink of choice), then worked on my messages for the Naples conference.

I have decided to share two messages on worship: one more introductory and broad, and one that focuses on the Trinitarian nature of worship, and specifically the role of Abba Father in worship.  I think I’ll post parts of this at a later time.

The flights were actually really good for economy class—on-time, comfortable, relatively short, and no one lost my bags.  The long leg over was fully booked, and half the plane was filled with a babbling group of junior high students.  I am a bit anxious about the unknowns of this trip, but I am trying really hard to give it to God.  I am tired and I settle into (hopefully) another quick plane nap.  I wait for this shortened night to turn to day outside my airplane window.

Food scorecard: Airline bisconi (I don’t think that really counts).

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