Ready to Rock: Roma/Napli Trip

When we first considered this missions trip, we visualized a Rome Worship Conference. Because of demand, we decided to hold a second conference in Naples, which Bob has asked me to be a part of. We will be creatively splitting the Team throughout the week, and I will be with the Napli folks throughout the weekend.

Specifically, I will possibly speak once or even twice. We will do breakout sessions with bass, guitar, drum, and worship leader instruction. I will lead and rehearse a combined US/Italian worship team which will lead worship on Sunday morning at the Napli church. It will be quite a whirlwind as we try to to help these under-resourced and persecuted evangelical churches in this part of the world.

The team will be bringing several keyboards, guitars, basses, and a drum kit to take and give away, plus 50 books. In addition, we have partnered with an American magazine publisher which has created a four color magazine, in English and Italian, which articles from members of the team.

Bob Kilpatrick, our team leader, has asked specifically for prayer for two things: (1) Unity for the team, and (2) God’s power and presence in our meetings and concerts. I will add to the prayer list (3) that God would give me the sensitivity to His Spirit so I might communicate well to these guys and give them something relevant, inspiring, and soul-filling. And I suspect that God has some things to teach me in this experience as well. Please stay tuned, as I prepare for my trip. I leave early May.

Check out the Rome Conference web page.

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