Germany Diary Part 5

heidelberg.jpgToday after our morning session, Proclaim arranged for a bus to take us to Heidelberg to do some sightseeing. Thoughts and observations from my fourth day:

• Heidelberg was a great opportunity for me to see a beautiful German city up close and personal. This picturesque city sits in kind of a valley with a river that runs through it. At the top of the hill, overlooking the clustered, pedestrian-filled Alstadt (old town) is a castle. We spent the afternoon and evening walking the castle and old town.
• Interesting story about the Holy Ghost Church which sits in the middle of the old town area. After the reformation, this beautiful Catholic church built a wall smack dab through the middle of the cathedral. Catholics had the back side; protestants had the front. And they would both worship in the same building, at the same time, separated by this wall.
• I hung out mostly with Kim and Jeanne Peterson, old friends and missionaries whom my church supports. I bought souvenirs for the kids.  We had burgers at the Hard Rock Cafe in Heidelburg. I must say though, that this hole in the wall was quite disappointing as Hard Rocks go. No large guitar sign out front, no impressive memorabilia inside, and the food ain’t so good either. It should have been called the Soft Rock Cafe.
• For a bustling university town, the crowds were orderly and quiet, the town was really clean, and the people polite but not overly friendly. Gotta love that German culture.
• As an American, I am disappointed that McDonald’s is so astoundingly prevalent here. Is this the picture that Germans have of us?
• Took photos but didn’t bring my cable to load them into my computer/internet. Oops.

Photo above: Stock photo of Heidelberg.  The castle sits on the hill overlooking the city. Someone told me that the Disneyland castle was modeled in part after this castle.

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