Germany Diary Part 4

Notes and observations from my third day here:

• I was thinking about walking into town to see the sights, but everything is closed here on Sundays.  In this post-Christian culture, I don’t think it’s for religious reasons.  I just think that the pace here is a little different, and it is the custom to not do business on a Sunday.
• Instead, I went on a walk.  There are walking trails behind the hotel, so I took off walking up a hilly path, took two lefts and a right, and found myself lost in a pasture of snow.  To hear nothing by the crunch of snow at my feet, the wind swirling about my ears, the sharp sting of cold in the air—it was great.
ratatouille.jpg• At the evening session, the leadership surprised everyone with a visit from a “chef” who instructed his “waiters” to set out red wine, assorted cheeses, grapes, and other stuff at our tables.  Then the lights dimmed and we were treated to the wide-screen version of “Ratatouille.”  I had seen it in the theaters once before (a church staff outing), but this time I was able to see it in a distinctly European context.  It was great being able to laugh with people who truly understood the European subtleties of the film.
• Still undergoing a bit of jet lag.  I am going to bed early and getting up around 5-6 AM.
• I was watching a rerun of “The Cosby Show” overdubbed in German.  Talk about your disconnects…


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