Germany Diary Part 2

photo-132.jpgMy first day was eventful. I spent most of my travel time in the locked and upright position, so it was difficult to sleep. All told, I was up over 30 hours my first day, so I was a little giddy at the end.

The people of Proclaim are great. Fun-loving, tight-knit, passionate about reaching people with the Gospel. It is truly a privilege for me to be with these people, and meet God with them.

The place I am staying is quaint and beautiful and very European in flavor. In some ways, it is a practical and modern version of what Disneyland tries to be when it is “being European.” I hope to get some time over the next few days to experience more of the town and culture.

Some random experiences over my first day:

• My Thanksgiving meal was a Potbelly sandwich I scarfed down at the Washington Dulles airport. They did have a turkey-like substance on the plane which I ate, but I don’t think it counted.
• Everyone here is friendly and they all seem to speak a little English here which is helpful. They all put up with us Americans with a patient smile. So far, I know how to say “please” and “thank you.” Up until this point, all the German I know I learned from watching Hogan’s Heroes.
• To get to Freudenstadt from the Frankfurt airport, I met up with a delightful couple from Proclaim, Mike and Marlene, and we took a bullet train and a local tram. In the tram, there was a gaggle of older ladies apparently on holiday, who sat together and ate biscuits and drank wine on the train and laughed out loud.
• Sac Metro seems to be the only airport in the world with free wireless internet. The things we take for granted.
• I find myself walking into situations with an anticipation that God might meet me in it. I am trying hard not to have expectations upon Him, but rather to wait on what He might say or do.
• For the record, honey, I am taking my Juice Plus.

Photo above: The view outside the main conference room at the Hotel Teuchelwald.

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