Germany Diary Part 1

I am chronicling my trip to Freudenstadt, Germany, for those who are interested. I will be there for 8 days, ministering to the staff and missionaries of Proclaim! International, a missions organization having their annual Gathering retreat.

November 22, 6:57 AM. Day 1. I’m waiting at Sac Metro for my flight to Washington DC where I will catch the connector to Frankfurt. I miss my family already. Soon Deb will be sticking the turkey in the oven, making the girls breakfast, getting ready for the day. And I will be missing our annual church Turkey Bowl, a flag football event where I am a regular (and the oldest guy out there!).

My brother, Marcel, and his family are visiting from Oregon, so I will be missing them today as well. Ironically, they have a foreign exchange student from Germany staying with them this year. I asked him if he knew of Freudenstadt, and he said no, but he did tell me that “Freudenstadt” in English means “Happy Place.” So I guess I’m going to my happy place.

The flight itself takes about nine hours. With a three hour layover, a three hour train trip after I arrive, and losing eight hours by traveling the date line, I will pretty much lose a day of my life today. I’ll get it back at the end of my trip. After all the travel, I will arrive at 7 AM in Freudenstadt, and I will be leading worship that evening, so there will be little time to do much the first day (maybe a nap).

I’ve been sitting in the terminal for over an hour now. Still waiting for the coffee and Cinnabon to kick in. Thinking about turkey. And my fantasy football roster for this week. And missing my family.

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