Painting the Sky


Debbie and I recently got back from our twenty year anniversary vacation, a trip to Mazatlan, Mexico. (I used gig money to help pay for the trip!) The week away was physically resting, romantically affirming, and spiritually filling, and both Deb and I came back very appreciative of the twenty years of blessings God has given us.

One evening after dinner, God the Artist revealed Himself to us. Debbie and I decided to go on a walk on the beach at the hotel, to walk off a full tummy and experience the sound of the surf in our ears, the sand in our toes, the mist on our faces. Wisps of clouds hinted at the sunset to come, with an aqua blue sky already giving way to a flaxen yellow horizon. So we parked on the lip of a sand dune and waited to see what God would do next.

I couldn’t possibly truly describe the next half hour (and the photos pale in comparison as well). Blues and maroons above us, oranges and yellows and pinks before us, the dark purple line of the horizon slowly lapping toward us in swooshing brush strokes. Debbie and I sat on that deserted beach until we were hushed shadows, and the skyline a thin, deep, candy apple red.

I felt as if God were putting on a show just for us, painting the sky for us, reminding us of His majesty, His sovereignty, His artistry, and most of all, His grace in our lives. As the sun fell from its Technicolor dance, I reflected on our last twenty years together, marked with many obvious acts of God’s faithfulness.

Worship is an act of revelation and response. God reveals Himself to us through His acts, His attributes, His Word, His creation. And we respond to that revelation with humility, gratitude, praise, sometimes tears, sometimes joy. So worship begins with God, and rightly ends with Him as well.

sunset.jpgIn the grand scheme of things, it was just a small and insignificant display of His Omnipotent Power. But it was enough to completely overwhelm us with a spirit of thanksgiving and appreciation for grace undeserved.

Yeah, we’re back home now, and we’re back to the realities of life. But that doesn’t make God’s grace any less true.

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