New CD: “All There Is…”

ati-album-cover-small.jpg The new CD is complete. Eight tracks, seven original songs, five guest artists, 43 minutes of music. Whew.

I mentioned something in the liner notes of my last album, If Life Were A Book. There is this weird dichotomy associated with being a recording artist: “Internally, there is this deeply felt need to express one’s self through the art form of recording. Externally, there is this somewhat brazen and self-centered assumption that others would actually want to hear what one composes.”

And so, here I go. Saying some things that need to be said. Saying other things I just needed to say. I hope I’m not too brazen and self-centered as I share this music and project this summer.

So….I’d like to invite to one of the CD Release Concerts that the Manuel Luz Trio will be doing throughout the summer. Please see the Gig Page for concert information.

Someone was asking me about the theme to this CD, and it occurred to me that this album is my mid-life crisis album. There are deep “why” questions here, things associated with being in the middle of one’s life and making sense of both the distant past and the uncertain future. But I think there is an overall hopefulness to the album, knowing that what we see and experience and think we know is Not All There is.

One thing to note. Debbie and I have decided that the proceeds of this album will be donated to Powerhouse Ministries, an outreach to the disadvantaged and low-income families in the Folsom Community. They really do a great job of caring for the forgotten—the lower income, families of the incarcerated, the unhoused, and children—in our mostly affluent community. During our series of CD Release Concerts this summer, 50% of the money that comes in will go to Powerhouse.


Otherwise, if you’d like to have ML3 play for an event (or you know of a good venue), please let us know. And thank you so much for your continued support.

[Note: The incredible graphics for this album, including the cover art above, were created by Keith Elliott, who art directed this project. The beautiful piece below was also created by Keith, and I wanted to share it even though this picture didn‘t make the album…]

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