Intersections Conference 2014

Intersection_art_faithBIG NEWS! This year’s Intersections: Faith & the Arts Conference will be hosted by William Jessup University in Rocklin, California.  The newly formed Creative Arts Program, led by Department Head Derek Martin, will be taking over this conference and hosting it on the William Jessup University Campus on March 14-15, 2014.

The Intersections Conference is a two day event that celebrates the crossroads of faith and artistry. Artists and people of faith from the San Francisco Bay area to Lake Tahoe will descend on the Campus of William Jessup University to discuss cultural creation, engage the challenges of integrating faith and art, consume new works in various media, and to network with fellow artists and patrons of the arts. The Intersections Conference is guaranteed to lift your spirits, challenge your perspective, stimulate your imagination, and deepen your walk with the Lord.

This is a great opportunity for those artists of faith in the northern California area—actors, writers, dancers, visual artists, filmmakers, sculptors, painters, poets, musicians, technical artists, and all artists of faith. In particular, this is a great opportunity for young artists who are considering a career in the very wide field of the arts. It should be an inspiring time for all! Please join us this March for an incredible time.

This year’s conference speakers include:

Shane Grammer,  3D themed environmental artist and activist
Lyn Lasneski, painter and deep thinker
Rondall Reynoso, artist and art scholar
Manuel Luz, songwriter, author, creative arts pastor (that would be me!)
Derek Martin, actor, director, department chair of Creative Arts program
• As well as a host of breakout sessions led by local artist leaders, performances, and an amazing lunch!

One other thing. I am personally excited for the quality of speaker this year, and I know you will be too. This year, I will be speaking specifically to pastors and other arts leaders who are trying to figure out how to allow the arts to be a greater expression in their churches, so if you are an artist, consider bringing your worship director and/or senior pastor to this event.

For registration and a schedule of events, please see the Intersections 2014 Eventbrite Link.

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